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Founder of the University

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Founder of the University:

       Rāmaññaraṭṭha Buddhist University: or RRBU (Mon:r.r.mvr-bud¯tkÒquilj), is a recently established Buddhist university and the newest higher institution of Buddhist studies, in Mon State, Myanmar. It is located on Shin Saw Pu Street, Myinetharyar Qtr., Mawlamyine, Mon State, in the Union of Myanmar.

        The university was founded in 2011 by Venerable Silācāra with the purpose of establishing a higher education institute for Buddhist monks, novices, and laypersons with an emphasis on Buddhism and other related subjects. In order to promote the university widely, Venerable Silācāra passed responsibility for its management over to the Rāmoñña Nikāya Mon Monk Organization in 2015. The university adopted its current name and began offering classes in 2016.

       Rāmaññaraṭṭha Buddhist University is organized into two academic divisions: the Faculty of Buddhism and the Faculty of English.

      These faculties offer Diploma level programs including a Diploma in Buddhism, a Diploma in English, and additional Academic English Training Courses.

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