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Crack Active Reports 7

Active Reports 7: A Powerful Reporting Tool for .NET Developers

Active Reports 7 is a reporting tool that allows .NET developers to create and customize professional reports for desktop, web, and mobile applications. It offers a rich set of features, such as data visualization, navigation controls, banded reports, report designer options, and distributable viewer controls. Active Reports 7 also introduces a new reporting layout engine called Fixed Page Layout (FPL), which gives developers complete control over the final layout of their reports.

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What is Fixed Page Layout?

Fixed Page Layout (FPL) is a new reporting layout engine that is not available in any other .NET reporting tool. Its purpose is to make it easy to create reports that resemble traditional printed forms and reports, such as invoices, tax forms, bills, prospectus reports, etc. FPL allows developers to define the exact position and size of each report element on the page, and to use overflow placeholders to continue the data from a data region (such as a table or matrix) in another space designated for it. FPL also supports page headers and footers, page breaks, watermarks, and background images.

How to use Fixed Page Layout?

To use Fixed Page Layout, developers need to use the Active Reports 7 Designer, which is a visual report designer that can be integrated into Visual Studio or used as a standalone application. The Designer provides a toolbox with various report elements, such as labels, text boxes, charts, tables, matrices, images, etc. Developers can drag and drop these elements onto the design surface and adjust their properties in the property grid. The Designer also provides a preview mode that shows how the report will look when printed or exported.

To create a Fixed Page Layout report, developers need to select the FixedPageLayout report type from the New Report dialog box. Then they can add report elements to the design surface and arrange them as desired. They can also use the ruler and grid lines to align and snap the elements. To create an overflow placeholder for a data region, they need to select the data region and click on the Overflow Placeholder button in the toolbar. Then they can drag and resize the placeholder on the design surface and link it to the data region.

What are the benefits of Fixed Page Layout?

Fixed Page Layout has several benefits for developers who need to create reports that have a precise and consistent layout across different devices and formats. Some of these benefits are:

  • FPL gives developers full control over the appearance and positioning of each report element on the page.

  • FPL makes it easy to create reports that match existing paper forms or templates.

  • FPL supports complex layouts that span multiple pages and regions.

  • FPL ensures that the report layout will not change when printed or exported to different formats, such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc.

  • FPL allows developers to add dynamic content, such as charts, images, barcodes, etc., to their reports.

Where to learn more about Active Reports 7?

Active Reports 7 is a powerful reporting tool that can help .NET developers create professional reports for their applications. To learn more about Active Reports 7 and its features, developers can visit the following resources:

  • The official website of Active Reports

  • The download page of Active Reports

  • The version history of Active Reports

  • The documentation of Active Reports

  • The blog posts of Active Reports

  • The forums of Active Reports

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